Margo + Brandon - 1/27/2017


Back in January, my closest friends and I headed down to Palm Springs, CA to witness what had to be the most uncomplicated and exuberant wedding we've been to. Our dearest friends, Margo and Brandon Diamond-Nelson, were getting married and they had planned out one of the coolest parties for all of us to attend. 

It was simple really: book a venue at your favorite desert oasis, the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, urge everyone to dress in their most extravagant attire, have a quick ceremony, ditch the assigned seating (better yet, leave a few tables and benches out), sprinkle a bunch of polaroid cameras here and there, get some great tunes together and watch the magic unfold. It was like a freeform jazz concert. The unconventionality of the wedding was embraced by all and it turned out to be a perfectly paced evening of drinks, friends, dancing and love. 

One caveat regarding this blog post though: I was not the assigned wedding photographer. Nope. I was there as a friend enjoying myself and celebrating this beautiful union. If you want the real photos, you can check em out here! As for my photos, it was whatever I could snap off whenever my camera was around. But, I had to post these because my friends looked great and it was a memory of mine that I wanted to share. Hence why it's equal parts friends and couple. 

In any case, I can't say enough about this wedding. I wish there were more like it. I wish you all were there to take notes on how a wedding should be. And I wish I could relive it in a Groundhogs Day loop.

Check out the accompanying video I shot here!