Absolute Beginners

I was asked by my friends Michael and Heidi to film their wedding and I really didn’t think this video would turn out the way it did. It was done from my perspective (attending as a guest) rather than an official videographer. So that’s why (much like the other video I did for my good friends) it’s got the handheld/homemade feel to it. But I got such great candid footage! And then when I put it together, I threw in one of my most treasured songs and it really just brought it home. The song has meaning to me, but it holds a more special meaning to this couple as it’s a reference to what I felt was their story. No joke, I teared up a few times putting this together. And I hope everybody else does too when they watch it.

Waveweight Trailer

This was a kind of semi-serious edit I threw together for my friend Marcus who is launching his very own workout tool pretty soon. It’s an innovative new piece of equipment (aptly named the Waveweight - website coming soon) that utilizes water as your resistant weight. I’ve always believed in him and his ideas and feel that this is such a great product so I was very proud to have produced this video for this. And plus I really love this song.

Skin Authority 7 Minute Makeover Mask

Filmed this little skincare routine with Cheyenne Gordon for Skin Authority’s Instagram TV (hence the vertical format). It was a fairly casual production with a light script created by Shane Ryan Creative and I at Canyon Country LA. The focus was to show the audience how the 7 Minute Makeover Mask works. So we sat there for all 7+ minutes watching it foam up while the audience gets the abridged version. =) It’s also kind of crazy and weird how it just automatically bubbles up on its own.

Skin Authority Routine

Another Instagram TV video shot with Natalie Romo for Skin Authority. The same setup as the previous one with Shane Ryan Creative and I at the helm at Canyon Country LA. Natalie was great to work with since she’s so comfortable speaking in front of the lens. Also, if you ever want to feel fabulous, get yourself a ring light. Man, those things really make you look glamorous lol.

Eve Farms Party

Earlier this year, I attended a swanky dinner party for Eve Farms (a cannabis brand) up in Santa Rosa, CA. They decided to make their mark on the industry by throwing this beautiful party at this gorgeous location to introduce some of their cannabis strains. I thought it was a good time to bust out my camera and film, so this was what I captured. Most of it was the party while some of it was shot the following day at the High Times Cannabis Cup.

I’m just gonna say, marijuana has come a long way. It was really quite the scene.

Hello Tokyo

This was a difficult video to put together. A few of the reasons was that I was working with two cameras (I had just gotten the Sony A7SII prior to this trip, so I didn't fully learn its functions yet) and Japan offered up so much content to capture that I was getting whiplash. I had stopped working on it because I couldn't get it right. But I revisited it and realized it wasn't about the perfection. You just need to shoot and let the story tell itself regardless of any pretty filters/post-edits etc. Check out the blog post for more about my trip.


My friends had their wedding at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs, CA and it was a great way to kick off 2017. First and foremost, I went as a friend and filming duties were a casual second priority. I was very pleased with how it turned out considering my main focus was on celebrating these two. Overall, it was such a great time capturing all my friends looking as beautiful as ever and having the time of their lives.  

Check out the companion blog piece here!

Melody's Birthday

I thought I’d throw together a quick vid for my goddaughter’s 5th birthday. I think the way it goes for documenting anybody is that the younger the person, the more fun it’s going to be. There is just an inherent innocence that permeates through the final product. And it makes you wish you were a kid again.


New York, I Love You

One of my favorite videos I’ve put together. It was a little exhausting lugging around a camera in NYC, but I’m really glad I did. The city was just teeming with life and in this constant, active motion. The energy was something I enjoyed taking in from the minute I landed to the last day of our trip. Check out my blog post about it.